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Hollowbrook at Tuxedo

Tuxedo at Paramount

Ramsey 1 at Tuxedo

Tuxedo at Ramsey 2

Tuxedo PGA Junior League Competition Results

As featured in John Paul Newport's Wall Street Journal article, "Golf's Answer to Little League Baseball" participation in PGA Junior League Golf has been one of the Tuxedo Club's most successful youth initiatives.

The Tuxedo teams are comprised of youth golfers ages 7 -13  of varying skill levels.  Each team plays head-to-head home and away competitions against other area clubs.  During each competition,  team members play between 3 to 9-holes.  The outcome of the competition is decided by playing 5 matches of team scramble broken into three 3-hole segments called "flags".  Each flag worth 1 point.  The first team to secure 6.5 points wins the competition!


Congratulations to Tuxedo's Owen Kulick, Joseph Furlong, Jack DiPaolo & Sean Furlong who participated on the New York/New Jersey League All-Star Team who won the Metropolitan Section in their first year of PGA Junior League play!  The New City League All-Star team  represented the Metropolitan Section well by placing third in the Northeast Regional Championship in Hyannis, MA!

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