Tuxedo has competitive team opportunities available through participation in two PGA Junior League Golf teams or the Bergen Junior Interclub team.

Tuxedo also hosts four "Major Championships"...  the Adult-Junior, Pro-Junior Scramble, Junior Stroke Play & the Junior Club Championship.  All of Tuxedo's youth tournaments are contested from the appropriate skill-based tees, which includes two sets of PGA Level Family Tees.  These tee markers enable players who drive the ball less than 100 or 140 yards in the air to still enjoy a timely round of golf on a 71 course.

Click here for an overview of the Tuxedo Club Youth Golf Program

Kids love to play games!  When introducing kids to golf, I utiiize skill-based learning games to  create a fun atmosphere that leads to self-discovery and meaningful practice. 

The youth golf program at Tuxedo also includes opportunities to learn the game through other resources including SNAG, Kwik Golf, theUS Kids Golf Learning Programand the PGA Sports Academy Program.

Youth Golf

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